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We are committed to find the most delicious recipes whether they are on the net from a cookbook or passed down from Mother to Daughter. The whole world is our oyster, so we will bring recipes from all Countries, all continents & all cultures to make RecipeFREAK your one stop shop for all recipes & cooking tutorials..
We will cater for Vegetarians, Vegans & those with special needs such as Diabetics & Lactose intolerance, we will also bring you recipes for diets and dietitian advice.
Love sweets & cakes, look no further we will have a recipe for your indulgence and video tutorials from the experts to help you if you run into trouble..
We welcome recipes from our members, in fact we would love you to become active on RecipeFREAK either as an Author, Contributor or just add your thoughts in our comment boxes.
Enjoy our site as it grows, any suggestions or comments are welcome..

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